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It's Simple. 

At Abel Financial

We Help you Make Smart Decisions with your Money

We Help You Keep Ahead of Life’s Curves

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Investment Management
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Our Process

  • We take time to get to know you first.

  • Once we know you, your family and what you want out of life, we help you organize your finances.

  • Then we work together to determine what you are doing well and where we can help.

We are 100% Independent

  • No sales quotas means no pressure.

  • No proprietary products

  • Just good service and a lifetime of guidance

Boutique by Design

As a client, you are not just a number. We value personalized relationships which is why we work with a limited number of new families each year.

We help just over 50 families in and around Baltimore, MD and virtually around the US. 

Unlimited Access 

  • You have unlimited access to us for advice and guidance whenever you need it most.

Enjoying Retirement

Dan worked as a manager for a large employer and handled the family finances. Kathy worked at a local non-profit. Money stresses Kathy so she let Dan manage the finances for the family.


Approaching Retirement

Jerry works for the federal government and is approaching 30 years as a Psychologist. Regina is a physical therapist at a local small business. They feel ready to tackle the final stretch towards retirement but need guidance.

Young Professional Family

Nick and Jenna are living the modern upper-middle-class lifestyle. They are two working parents focused on professional growth but also raising two children and just trying to keep it all together!

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