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Sandy Beach

Life Stages and Events:

Life is full of many emotions and events that shape the trajectory of our lives.


Financial Plans evolve over time and our greatest joys in life are helping our clients through the various celebrations and challenges that come throughout our relationships.


Here are some of the life events where we do some of our best work in helping clients:

life events.png

Life Events

Birth of a child



Planning For College


Caring for Parent and Organizing Their Finances

Loss of a Spouse


Passing On A Legacy

Life Stages

Peak of Your Career – Juggling Family and Work

Planning for Retirement and Becoming an Empty Nester

Work Becomes “Optional”

Enjoying the Go-Go Retirement Years

Settling Down and Building a Team of Trusted Advisors

Planning your Family Legacy


Enjoying Retirement

Dan worked as a manager for a large employer and handled the family finances. Kathy worked at a local non-profit. Money stresses Kathy so she let Dan manage the finances for the family.

Couple in Kitchen

Approaching Retirement

Jerry works for the federal government and is approaching 30 years as a Psychologist. Regina is a physical therapist at a local small business. They feel ready to tackle the final stretch towards retirement but need guidance.

Young Family

Young Professional Family

Nick and Jenna are living the modern upper-middle-class lifestyle. They are two working parents focused on professional growth but also raising two children and just trying to keep it all together!

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