Our Ideal Clients

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We work with hard working upper middle class savers who

built wealth over their lifetime by living within their means and providing for their families.


Our typical clients are 55-75 years old. They are either retired or within 10 years of retirement and have saved over $500,000. 

Above all else, our clients have many of the characteristics below

Client Characteristics

  • Family Oriented

  • Friendly

  • Open-Minded

  • Enjoyable to work with

  • Not do it yourself Investors

  • Looking for someone to help preserve wealth and not take unnecessary risks.

  • Well respected in the community and successful in their careers

  • Humble and grateful

  • Disciplined savers

  • Charitable with time or money

  • Conscious delegators

  • Looking for an accountability partner

  • Want to build a circle of trusted advisors (Financial advisor, CPA, Attorney, Doctor).

  • Value financial guidance

101 E. Chesapeake Ave, Ste 203

Towson, MD 21286